Streamlining the Onboarding & Scheduling Experiences

Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness
Methodology: User Interviews, Online Surveys, In-person Observations
Timeframe: April - May 2013 (~70 hours)

The Product

Wello is an online health/fitness marketplace and platform that enables people to teach, learn and connect over live, two-way video. Consumers can connect with fitness professionals interactively for group and individual workout sessions and workout from anywhere with a computer and Internet connection.




After registering for their first workout session, new Wello users must complete a technical setup review to ensure that their computer system and equipment are compatible with Wello’s platform. Following this Technical Setup phase, they are provided further instruction called Space Setup, which explains where, and how to setup the computer within a workout space so that the video frame is visible to the trainer during a session.

Since launching the product, new Wello users had been expressing confusion about the setup process and trainers were experiencing both technical and space setup issues during fitness sessions with their clients. I used the following methods to identify the key issues affecting the technical and setup processes and screens to help address customer and trainer concerns:


The usability feedback indicated that the Technical Setup was intimidating and users didn’t feel confident about where they were in the process to complete the task. One of the changes I recommended as a result of the research was to consolidate and simplify the categories of steps to complete the Technical Setup. Rather than displaying a long list of numbered steps as the computer runs through technical checks, key steps in the process are consolidated and highlighted with an updated status to show progress. The new workflow is designed to help people feel more confident about the validation process and understand exactly what is currently being validated.

Simplified Technical Setup-Validation Design

I also recommended changes to address user confusion about where to place the computer in the space setup design. To help walk the user through the process and create a more enjoyable experience, a cartoon character and brief explanation were added to provide context and personality.

Space Setup Introduction

Displaying larger text on the left side of the screen with clearer steps and icons to help users identify where they need to position themselves in relation to the screen and an added button to indicate when they were finished with the setup helped users to feel confident and ready for their scheduled workout with a trainer using the platform.

Revised Space Setup Design



The user interface for scheduling workouts differs depending on whether you schedule one-on-one with a trainer, with a small group, or as part of a package. In an effort to evaluate the current scheduling system and to redesign a more cohesive and user-friendly interface, I conducted the following user research to understand how people schedule workouts and think about exercise more broadly:

Existing One-on-One Scheduling User Interface

Existing Group Workout Scheduling User Interface


Results from both the overall fitness survey and the Wello user scheduling survey indicated that a higher than expected percentage of people generally prefer to schedule exercise spontaneously. Feedback from current Wello users further indicated a priority of scheduling based on trainer availability and preference for identifying specific days and times to book workouts. Based on the key areas of feedback from the surveys and evaluation of scheduling interfaces in similar industries, I recommended a series of user interface concepts and design mockups to address user preferences and streamline the scheduling process. Results from this research are currently being implemented for usability testing.

Prototype for high level scheduling user interface



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