Hi, I'm Anabelle

I am a design generalist interested in exceptional user experiences, user research, UI design, and graphic design.

Send me a message at anabelles AT gmail DOT com - thanks for visiting!


Stanford University - MA Learning, Design & Technology
Emily Carr University of Art + Design - Design
University of Washington - BA Business


ME 216A - Advanced Product Design: Needfinding (Ethnographic and Qualitative Research)
ENGR 281 - d.media 4.0: Designing Media that Matters @ d.school
EDUC 218 - Topics in Cognition and Learning: Induction, Proof, Discovery, and Statistics
CS 193C - Client-side Technologies (HTML5/CSS/Javascript)
ME 377 - Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design @ d.school
CS 106A - Programming Methodology (JAVA)
SYMSYS 245 - Cognition in Interaction Design
BIOE 273 - Biodesign for Mobile Health
EDUC 229 - Learning, Design & Technology Seminar
EDUC 364 - Cognition and Learning
EDUC 333A - Understanding Learning Environments

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